Looking for inspiration for an eco-friendly wedding?

Cool, look no further and start reading. This blog gives insight to make three aspects of a wedding day eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly wedding

Your wedding day is one of the happiest and most beautiful days in your life. With some tips and tricks this day can also be a good day for mother nature. What a great start of a sustainable future together.

Since sustainability is very important to me, I try to incorporate this in many aspects in my life. For example; I eat plant based, we have our own kitchen garden and I like to go to second hand shops. Now I would like to help and inspire bridal couples to do this on their wedding day.

Every aspect of your wedding day can be eco-friendly. For now I will discuss three aspects which easily can be chosen to make an impact.


One of the most polluting aspect of the wedding day is transport. Not only do guests have to travel from different places to the venue, you also would like to show up in an interesting vehicle. But look at this great picture of this bike.

bike for eco-friendly wedding

Wedding rings

Wedding rings aren’t just rings, these should lest a lifetime. Ask the goldsmith if the rings are made from fair minded gold to make sure the rings are made from honest gold. Maybe a relative has got some old rings which aren’t used, the can be melted and made into new rings.

Wedding dress

Many stores offer pre loved dresses which are great. When they are steamed the look as good as new. Extra advantage; the cost less than a new dress. Why only wear your wedding dress once? If you look for a good dressmaker, she can transform your dress after the wedding in a cocktail dress for example.

Curious for more tips for an eco-friendly wedding? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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